Thursday, October 25, 2012



1) Fold it larger and put it evenly under the mattress - you can get a hundred yards under there! 
There's no chance hubby will find it - how often does he make the bed? 

2) You can also fold some and put it under each chair and sofa cushion .

3) Hang a yardage on a coat hanger, then cover it with a piece of clothing - hence, 100 coat 
hangers/100yds of fabric! 3 closets + 300 yards! 

4) Get a large trash can, remove the cover and have someone cut a round piece of plywood out 
for you. Put stash in trash can, put on wooden cover, place a pretty, 70" round tablecloth (or 
sew two 2 yard pieces together lengthwise and "pretend" its a tablecloth on it - a beautiful 
lamp on top - and who's to know it's full of fabric? (A good way to hide the ironing, too!) 

5) If you have a space under the bed, buy some of the flatter Rubbermaid tubs and fill them. 
Now when you've bought more fabric than you can store in these five ways, you just aren't 
sewing enough!!! 

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