Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilting Not just for Beds or your Grandma....................


Look at Vera Wang.... those hot Boutique Totes Monogrammed within an inch of their life?  Quilted! Totes, Purses, Wallets, Book Covers, Rugs, Place mats, and the list can go on. Our Quilt Guilds’ gifted members have an endless display of talent. So when you think of quilt guilds think fun, think happy, think Modern and think you.

Quilting is for all ages, if you go to our web site you will see all ages and quilts.

 They can be sleek modern lines to traditional. Miniature quilts that can grace a doll bed or a wall to those huge king size that you hate to give to your kid even after you promised it to her.

I have seen jackets, pillows, gadget covers, bags, book covers, totes, and wall décor. Quilting has taken off to a whole new realm of self expression.

 One of our members took a quilt piece and then painted it to bring out a depth of stunning beauty of a simple flower. I have seen jackets that are truly one of kind. The thing that stuns me the most is how we all can take the same pattern and with a change of fabric and or color bring out a thousand facets in that one simple pattern like a diamond.

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